TRIO Student Support Services


TRiO Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a federally-funded TRIO program that provides opportunities for academic development, assists scholars in meeting college requirements, and serves to motivate scholars towards the successful completion of their post-secondary education. Although each program is different, we all have the same purpose: to retain and graduate the scholars we serve. Check out our mission, goals, & objectives for TRIO at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts below.

Services Offered

Academic Support

Enrichment & Personal Development

  • Career Guidance
  • College Success Workshops
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • Leadership Conferences
  • External Opportunities

Educational & Personal Resources


Applicants must be currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment at MCLA; be a U.S. citizen or National of the United States or meet the requirements for federal student financial assistance; and have at least ONE of the following apply to you:

  • You are a first-generation college student (neither parent nor guardian had a bachelor's degree as of your 18th birthday);
  • You are income eligible according to federal guidelines;
  • You have a documented disability.

TRiO enrollment is limited. All services are provided at no cost to scholars. 

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Application Process

graphic showing apply, intake, verify, decision


Please complete our short application form and we will be notified of your application as soon as it is submitted. Make sure to read the questions carefully and respond to each one.

Step 2: INTAKE

Within 24 business hours, you will be contacted by a member of the office to schedule an intake interview. The interview is approximately 30 minutes and consists of standard questions, program overview, and expectations.

Step 3: VERIFY

Upon conditional acceptance we will reach out to Enrollment,  Financial Aid, and Disability Resources to verify status (if needed).


Upon verification of FG/LI/DI an official admission decision will be sent and you will be eligible for all TRIO resources and services.



Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) is the Commonwealth's public liberal arts college and a campus of the Massachusetts state university system. MCLA promotes excellence in learning and teaching, innovative scholarship, intellectual creativity, public service, applied knowledge, and active and responsible citizenship. MCLA prepares its graduates to be practical problem solvers and engaged, resilient global citizens.

The TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSS) at MCLA empowers first-generation, low-income, and students with disabilities to explore and engage with their educational, professional, and personal goals. SSS offers comprehensive academic and personal support designed to assist with retention, academic success, and persistence to graduate.

Respect: We approach every individual with their unique ideas, beliefs, cultures, personal situations, values, priorities, and objectives in mind. Empathy, consideration, and willingness to help is at the forefront of every interaction. We remain dedicated and patient in all situations to live up to our core value of respect.

Inclusivity: We welcome and serve a range of diverse people who are valued, accepted, and appreciated. We are committed to creating a climate and culture of mutual respect that represents and honors diversity. We remain vigilant and cognizant of the individuality and uniqueness each student brings to live up to our core value of inclusivity.

Scholarship: The program instills and nurtures a passion for learning that goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. Through a student-centered approach to learning we challenge thinking to encourage growth and exploring possibilities within a supportive environment. We empower learners to rise to their highest potential. We continuously empower learners to rise to their highest potential to live up to our core value of scholarship.

Equity: Honesty and transparency are a commitment of this program to allow us to do what is best for our students and the MCLA community. We acknowledge that our current social and economic systems are unjust, so we boldly marshal our resources to advance equitable opportunities for all in order to live up to our core value of equity.

The TRiO program at MCLA will meet the following grant objectives:

  • Serve 160 scholars each year.
  • Assure that 2/3 of scholars qualify as first-generation and low-income, or disabled.
  • 70% of all scholars serviced will persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year.
  • 77% of all enrolled scholars served by Student Support Services will meet the performance level required to stay in good academic standing.
  • 40% of new scholars served each year will graduate within six years.

Contact Us!

Mark Hopkins Hall, Room 105A
Phone Number: 413.662.5085 

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