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Information Technology

MCLA Information Technology is responsible for the support and maintenance of all data and telecommunications technology at the college.

Our mission is to provide robust and reliable technology based services and equipment that further the strategic goals of the institution.

Those services include training and assistance to faculty, staff, and students, enabling them to make effective use of the technologies we provide.

Computer Support Services

Computer Support Services manages the servers, networks and integrations between the sytems that provide technology services to the campus community. CSS includes:

The Help Desk: Provides support for everything related to information technology at MCLA

Media Services: Provides support for classroom audio and visual technology, digital signage, live events and streaming services.

Networks, Telecommunications, Systems, and Web Services: Supports the college's websites, maintains the college telephone and integrated messaging systems, provides and maintains the servers and software that integrate all of our service offerings

Administrative Systems

Administrative Systems is responsible for the information and business systems that allow the college to function. These include the student records system, Banner, and the financial management system.