Faculty Incentive Awards

Each year, faculty are invited to apply for one of the Faculty Incentive Awards.

2024-2025 Award winners:

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2024-2025 Faculty Incentive Awards! 

New Course and Program Development Award:

Omotara Adeeko for her project “ECON 1XX: Introduction to Economics”

New Course and Program Development Award:

Sharon Claffey for her project “PSYC 3XX: Psychology of Stigma”

New Course and Program Development Award:

Laura Standley for her project “Examining Practical Theatre Experience: A comparative Study”

New Course and Program Development Award:

Graziana Ramsden for her project “Modern Languages 102- Special Topics in Modern Languages”

Research Award for Tenure-track faculty:

Thomas Burton for his project, “Investigating the Impact of Surface Geometry on Optical Performance in 3D Printed Lenses”

Sabbatical Research Award:

Travis Beaver for his project, “The Mitigation, Management, and Meanings of Sport Injuries among Older Alpine Skiers”

Sabbatical Research Award:

Liz Hartung for her project, “Collaborative Research in Chemical Graph Theory & Combinatorial Generation”

Sabbatical Research Award:

Hannah Haynes for her project, “White Women and Discourses of Supremacy”

Sabbatical Research Award:

Mariana Bolivar, “Global and Intercultural Studies B.A. Proposal”

Three-Credit Research APR for Spring 2025:

Samantha Pettey for her project, “Where are the Women?: A recruitment study on women on local politics and a preliminary state-level analysis on Abortion Restriction”

Three-Credit Research APR for Spring 2025:

Mariah Hepworth for her project, “War and the American Imagination”

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