Hostile Terrain 94


Trinh Mai billboard



Hostile Terrain 94 is a multisite, interactive installation that illustrates, in stark terms, the violence of United States border policies by memorializing the thousands of people who have perished seeking to cross the US-Mexico border. MCLA’s Gallery 51 is one of over 100 sites worldwide hosting this exhibition, which will open in March 2021. We are bringing this installation to our campus in order to bear witness to this violence, and to engage in a conversation on campus and in the community about immigration, belonging, and social change. In concert with HT94, Gallery 51 will feature the work of Sergio de la Torre, Chris Treggiari, and Trinh Mai, all of whom will collaborate with students, faculty, and the community on a series of workshops and experiences that examine identity, belonging, fear, and trauma. This program will encompass the whole of the 2020-2021 academic year, beginning with workshops and guest speakers in the fall of 2020 and culminating with the opening in March 2021.