Have a Big Idea? Pitch it Here

MCLA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge - Spring 2020

Do you have an idea for a new business, project, service, performance or social enterprise that you've always dreamed of running? What about a new technology? Maybe something that could improve the lives of many? Do you have an idea that could reduce poverty, improve ecological sustainability, or serve as a solution to any of the many challenges facing society? Are you a creative trying to develop a tour, execute an installation or launch a product?  Is there a passion you have been yearning to pursue, but are unsure as to how? 

If so, enter the MCLA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge.

In April 2016, MCLA hosted its first Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge. Nearly 30 students entered the Challenge, competing to win access to $10,000 to further the development and implementation of their big idea. In addition to $10,000, winning students also receive advising and space to continue development of their proposed idea from local incubator.

In 2020 participants in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge will be coached through a series of deliverables, determining the solution to the problem, developing a budget and business plan as the roadmap for the project or business and ending with a presentation before a panel of judges.

Along the way, participating students will have the opportunity to attend workshops on topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as meet with mentors, experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and leaders of local community organizations. These events will connect students to people who can help them succeed in their pursuits.

The Challenge winner will receive a $10,000 financial award and a paid internship designed to fit the student’s need.

Independent study credit can be arranged.

If you are interested in participating in the MCLA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge, please submit the form on the right side of this page.

Contact Amy Shapiro with any questions regarding the 2020 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Nick and Owen, winners of 2019 Challenge, with Pres. Birge

2019 Award winners Nick Strezynski, ‘20 and Owen Fitzgerald, ‘20 receive $10,000 check from MCLA President Birge for business presentation on WHET Towel.