MCLA maintains the personal health care information of our students in a confidential manner. Your confidence in us depends on it. As part of this commitment, MCLA complies with applicable laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Under HIPAA, the Federal Government has mandated standards for protecting personal health information. We are pleased to provide you with a complete description of our responsibilities and your rights regarding security and privacy of your personal health information under HIPAA. Simply stop by the MountainOne Student Wellness Center to read posted copies or pick up a personal copy. Any questions or concerns about HIPAA should be directed to staff in the Health Services Office.

Copies of your record may be forwarded, with your written consent, to yourself, physicians, hospitals and other appropriate places. Records are not shared with parents, faculty, college administrators, or employers. Should a parent request information, they will be advised to contact you unless a record release form has been signed. Only in life threatening emergencies will a parent be contacted by MCLA Health Services.