As the autumn days shorten and the temperatures fall, it is time for all of us to start thinking about the inevitable arrival of winter weather. Please read the following information carefully as it describes new efforts to help all of us manage our decisions about winter weather travel.

Decisions on Class Delays/Cancellations and Closing the College:

MCLA’s decision to delay/cancel classes or to close the College is independent from area K-12 school districts’ or other colleges’ decisions and is based on information from weather, road, and law enforcement agencies. In making the decision to close or delay, MCLA’s focus is on conditions in Central and Northern Berkshire County.

During the winter, students and employees are asked to plan accordingly for changes in driving conditions so we may continue to hold classes and provide valuable services to our campus community. In the event of inclement weather, every effort will be made to clear parking lots and sidewalks to keep the campus open. However, no one should attempt to drive to campus if you think road conditions are unsafe for you, regardless of the College’s decision to remain open. Students can meet with faculty members for materials they missed in class, and non-essential employees may use earned leave time rather than traveling to campus.

In the event of a major winter storm that occurs overnight, a decision to close campus or delay the opening will be delivered by 6 a.m. This notice will be posted on the college’s website, communicated through the college’s RAVE Guardian emergency notification system, announced via social media channels, and broadcast from area media outlets. Delayed opening times will coincide with the class schedule for those days and will be reported as the specific time the campus will open for classes.

MCLA’s Public Safety Department will report delay and closing information to the following radio and television stations:

Radio Stations:

North Adams Area WNAW (1230 AM) WUPE-FM (100.1 FM) Pittsfield Area WBEC (1420 AM) WBEC-FM (95.9 FM) WUPE (103.3) Greenfield Area WHMP (1240 AM) WHAI-FM (98.3 FM) (WPVQ)

Television Stations:

Albany Area: WNYT, Channel 13; WTEN, Channel 10; WRGB, Channel 6 Springfield Area: WGGB, Channel 40; WWLP, Channel 22

Web Pages:

MCLA Address:
Albany Times Union Address:

In addition to checking the web site for class cancellation information you can also call the MCLA Cancellation Line which is extension 5299 from on-campus phones or 413-662-5299 if calling from off campus.

New approaches to preparing campus:

In order to improve winter safety and travel on campus MCLA has changed some snow removal practices and added new approaches.

  • Based on feedback from Townhouse residents, Facilities Staff will clear overnight snowfall earlier in the Townhouse areas rather than waiting until mid-morning, as in the past.

  • Students and employees can call a snow hotline (413-662-5099) to report specific locations on campus that need to be cleared of snow and ice.

  • MCLA will be supplementing Facilities Staff efforts to clear snow by hiring students to clear snow on campus. Students interested in applying for these jobs can apply at

Finally . . .

The City of North Adams will implement its annual ban on overnight street parking starting November 1, 2019 to accommodate snow clearing. The City will ticket and/or tow cars parked on the street overnight after November 1 between 1 and 6 a.m.

Also, please remember that wearing proper footwear and clothing during winter weather conditions can help you to stay warm and to avoid falls.

And once again, regardless of what decisions the College makes about weather delays, cancellations, or closures, if you do not feel safe driving in inclement weather, please don’t. It is easy enough for students to make arrangements to get course materials from their professors and for non-essential employees to use accrued leave time if they choose not to travel.