Press Release Guidelines

The Office of Marketing and Communications is the only office on campus authorized to send releases to news media. Campus stakeholders are welcome to draft releases and send them to us for publication. If requested, MCLA’s Communications Office will write and distribute promotional releases for academic department-sponsored public events. Information about the event must be submitted 14 days before the event to Please use the Press Release Info form when submitting your information.

For series or conference publicity, please contact Bernadette Alden, director of marketing and communications, at or 662-5203, preferably three weeks before the event(s) to discuss publicity options.

Writing a Press Release

MCLA has a regular format for our campus press releases.  Please use our Press Release Template, which includes suggestions for wording and how to organize your writing. Please utilize the Associated Press (AP) Style Guide for writing your release. We have included some basic guidelines you should use that will help you as you construct your release: AP Guidelines.

After you write your release, please send it to our Communications Office at for distribution to the media.