Political science students at MCLA can pursue one of two optional concentrations in order to tailor their coursework, advising, and internships to their career goals and interests. 

The political science major pre-law concentration involves coursework and advising tailored to the needs and goals of students considering a career as a lawyer or in a related field. It includes taking courses that provide exposure to legal concepts and issues and emphasize the research, speaking, writing, and thinking skills most important in legal professions. It also includes a required legal internship to help students gain practical experience and fine-tune their professional and academic goals. Finally, all students work directly with MCLA's pre-law advisor. 

The political science international affairs concentration helps students gain a strong understanding of international relations and political realities in other parts of the world. It emphasizes the knowledge and skills necessary for a career that directly or indirectly engages with international political, economic, or social issues. The concentration could also be a good fit for those who simply enjoy learning about the rest of the world. The concentration includes advising from a faculty member with extensive international training and experience.