Faculty Association

Welcome to the Home page of MCLA's Faculty Association

The MCLA Association is the chapter of the Massachusetts State Colleges Association (MSCA) at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, itself part of the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) and an affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA).



The broad purpose of the MCLA Association is to represent the faculty and librarians in matters of professional concern; specifically:

  • To uphold high professional standards;
  • To advance the socioeconomic well-being of its members;
  • To assist in maintaining and improving the quality of education at the College;
  • To assure just and reasonable academic responsibility;
  • To represent any member who has a grievance;
  • To act as liaison with the President of the College, the Administrators and the Board of Trustees to keep - channels of communication open; and to attempt to resolve problems; and
  • To structure the participation of the faculty and librarians in the governance of the College.


The 2024-2025 Executive Committee of MCLA's Faculty Association

President Graziana Ramsden Modern Languages
Vice-President Kerri Nicoll Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work
Treasurer Jerome Socolof Fine and Performing Arts
Secretary Ingrid Castro Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work
Grievance Officer Graziana Ramsden Modern Languages
Member-at-large Nicole Porther Biology and Health Sciences
Member-at-large Carter Carter Psychology
Day Bargainer Hannah Haynes Interdisciplinary Studies

Updated: 6/6/2024