Tropical Ecology

Gerace beachSpring 2024

~March 9-17, 2024

Dr. Eric Doucette & Dr. Anne Goodwin


Prerequisite: instructor approval

Course Description

BIOL 395 Tropical Ecology is a 3-credit course in which students will explore tropical ecosystems and discuss human impacts on these ecosystems. The course will include spring break travel to the Caribbean island of San Salvador in the Bahamas. Before and after the trip, students will learn about and investigate the biology of tropical ecosystems as well as social issues that impact these ecosystems.

View of the island coastlineFee includes airfare to San Salvador, transportation while traveling, room & board at the Gerace Research Centre, excursions/activities on San Salvador, and travel insurance. Full- and partial-funding travel scholarships are available for this course; apply for a scholarship by November 3.

Contact Prof. Goodwin or Prof. Doucette for more information 

Prerequisites: SO/JR/SR status and instructor approval.  You will need a passport for travel.

On-campus course meetings: Mondays 4-5:15

Course activities before travel

  • Lectures, discussions & quizzes focused on tropical ecosystems and the history of the Bahamas
  • Project planning

Travel dates: likely March 9-17, 2024

  • Exact dates may vary based on flight & room availability
  • Transport: Van from MCLA to airport, flight to Nassau in the Bahamas, flight to San Salvador from Nassau
  • Lodging: Gerace Research Centre on San Salvador (
Sign for the University of the Bahamas, Gerace Research Centre

Activities during travel:

  • Exploration of tropical island habitats, through hiking & snorkeling
  • Data collection
  • Discussions of human impacts (both past and present) on tropical ecosystems

Course activities after travel

  • Recap discussions
  • Presentation preparation
  • Presentations

Additional course fee: ~$2000-$2500

  • Includes airfare, transportation, room & board at the field station, excursions/activities at the field station, and travel insurance.

Finding in the sandAnticipated payment schedule (subject to change):

  • Nov 8 - deposit, Nov 29 - second payment, Dec 15 - final payment