Certificate Courses

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

45 Credit Program

MBA 601 Economic Theory (3cr)
An introduction and review of macro and micro economic concepts, theoretical foundations and management tools that build toward real-world application of basic economic principles and decision making.

MBA 604 Statistics for Managers (3cr)
Statistical methods and theories used in solving business problems.  Present, summarize and analyze data as an aid to managerial decision making.  A study of descriptive statistics, application of probability models, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and regression analysis as they apply to business and management problems. 

MBA 608 Accounting (3cr)
Blends and combines the fundamental principles and methods of both financial and managerial accounting. Introduces the guidelines underlying the construction of basic financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows).  Examines the determination of costs and pricing of products and services, assessment of profitability, and monitoring of costs and profits.

MBA 602 Management (3cr)
Examines the principles and concepts of managing organizations and their application to various techniques and strategies for managing and leading organizations.  Uses analytical tools for assessing management programs and policies.

MBA 606 Marketing (3cr)
Examines the fundamental concepts of marketing and their application in understanding consumer behavior, conducting customer and competitor analysis, developing new products, branding and brand extension, pricing, designing distribution channels, and managing marketing-mix activities.