Office of Student Financial Services

Verification DOCUMENTS

If the Department of Education selects you for verification after you complete your FAFSA, you will have to provide some additional information to MCLA in order to be reviewed and offered any financial aid. You may be asked to verify the accuracy of your information by providing certain documents, such as an IRS Tax Return Transcript.

We will notify you if you are selected for verification and tell you what documents are required by sending you a Missing Items Letter. For new or prospective students, the Missing Items Letter will be mailed to your address on file. For returning students, the Missing Item Letter will be sent to your MCLA email address. Once all the required documents have been provided to Financial Aid, we can review your and prepare your package.

If you have been selected for verification and have any questions on what forms are needed or what information you need, please contact Financial Aid at 413-662-5219 or


If you have been selected for verification, complete the requested forms by accessing the links below. Please note that many of the forms are online forms, but some .pdfs are available.

For dependent students, many of these forms will require a parent's signature. If you are a parent and want to complete the form electronically, the student must start the Dynamic Form. While completing the form, they will designate you as the parent by entering your name and email address if a signature is required. You will then receive an email from Dynamic Forms to create an account/log in when you can continue the form.