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Our Philosophy

The MCLA Writing Studio is a space where writers collaborate and create. All writers, from first-year students to faculty members, are welcome. Our trained writing associates will collaborate with writers at any stage of the writing process: from understanding assignments and brainstorming ideas to planning, revising and polishing final drafts. Join us for a conversation about a text you are writing and leave with more confidence in yourself as a writer!

Group Shot 2016Our Services

We offer several different types of appointments to meet your writing and test-prep needs! Our tutoring software, WCOnline, allows you to sign up for synchronous, asynchronous, and face-to-face appointments with our trained Writing Associates. Read the descriptions below and choose the appointment style that best fits your needs. 

Synchronous Video tutoring

This is a live, face-to-face video session with a Writing Associate. WCOnline provides a virtual meeting space with text chat, audio and video chat, a shared, and a synchronous whiteboard that both participants can use at the same time. 

  • This type of online tutoring is great for writers who want real-time feedback at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming, to revising, to editing for grammar.
  • To participate, click “Schedule Appointment” below, choose a Writing Associate who is available for “Synchronous Video Tutoring,” and fill out the required information.
  •  If you have a document you’d like to upload, do so in the appropriate space on the appointment slot. Be sure to also include the essay prompt so the Writing Associate can reference it, too.
  • To join the video meeting, log in to WCOnine at the time of your appointment, click on your appointment in the schedule, and then click “Start or Join Online Consultation.” 
  • Here's a short video on synchronous appointments.

Asynchronous e-tutoring

This type of remote tutoring occurs without direct contact with the Writing Associate. You’ll upload your text and the essay prompt prior to your appointment time. Then, during your appointment time, the Writing Associate will use the Microsoft Word commenting function to ask clarifying questions, to point to grammatical patterns, and so forth. They will also draft an end comment summarizing their marginal comments to help you prioritize. If applicable, they might also include links to online resources that may be useful to you as you revise and self-edit. 

  • This type of online tutoring is ideal for writers who can’t meet in real time during our posted hours, or for those writers without high-speed internet access.
  • To participate, click “Schedule Appointment” below, choose a Writing Associate who is available for “Asynchronous eTutoring,” and fill out the required information.
  • Then, prior to your appointment time, please upload to your appointment slot the essay prompt and an assignment of no more than 7 pages. If you have multiple documents that exceed 7 pages, or an essay that is more than 7 pages, please make another appointment, as the Writing Associate has only an hour per appointment slot to provide feedback.
  • You will receive an email notification from WCOnline when the Writing Associate has uploaded their feedback
  • Here's a short video on asynchronous appointments.

in-person, face-to-face appointments 

There will also be limited face-to-face appointments available Monday through Thursday, from 12:00-1:00 pm, in our Writing Studio space, Murdock 120. 

  • This type of appointment is ideal for writers who prefer in-person conversation. The Writing Associate and writer will sit at least 6 feet apart, and both will be required to wear masks for the duration of the appointment.
  • To participate, choose a Writing Associate who is available for “Face-to-Face Tutoring,”  and fill in the required information.
  • Please upload your text and the essay prompt to the appointment slot as the sharing of printed documents is no longer allowed.  
  • You may also drop by for a walk-in appointment during these hours, but writers with appointments get priority. If you walk in, please wait at the designated space in the doorway until a Writing Associate can assist you.
  • Please bring your laptop and your own pencil and paper to the appointment. The Writing Associate will take digital notes based on your conversation and send them to you after the appointment.
  • Here's a short video on in person appointments.


The Writing Studio is happy to announce a new service for students taking the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (the MTEL)! We now have four MTEL Associates available to discuss tips and tricks for taking this important test: Emily Sienkiewicz, Katie Hayman, Chloe Mascitelli, and Lydia Jung. 

There are many ways the Writing Studio can help you prepare for this high-stakes test:

  • We can help you come up with brainstorming and planning strategies to help you better craft your timed essays.
  • We can help you understand MTEL prompts (we have a few on hand).
  • We can help you with the grammar portion of the MTEL (we have a few on hand).
  • We can proctor practice MTEL tests with samples we have on hand if you’d like to practice what it feels like to take a timed test in a supportive environment.
  • We can provide feedback on MTEL practice essays you’ve already created.

Make an online appointment with an MTEL Associate by clicking "Schedule Appointment" below. Be sure you sign up for an appointment with Emily, Katie, Chloe, or Lydia, as not all of our Writing Associates are trained to work with MTEL prep. We also recommend making a Synchronous Video appointment, rather than an Asynchronous appointment, as test-taking support works better with real-time conversation. In-person appointment will also be available again starting in Spring 2021.

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