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Academic Support

Explore on-campus resources designed to help you succeed, from homework help to tutoring to skills courses.

MCLA offers a variety of supports to help all students achieve their academic goals.  

Struggling with a course or want to do better? 

Submit a tutorial request right from your MCLA portal.  Peer led group tutorials are students helping students achieve success! (Due to Covid-19 all tutorials are being held online)

Drop into an SI study session for those challenging courses and meet some new people in the process. For every student in need of help with a difficult class, there are others looking to maintain the requirements for a scholarship, improve an already strong GPA or receive help studying for next week's exam! ( Due to Covid-19 there are no SI study sessions being held) 

Is it how to prepare for an upcoming exam that has you stressed, or are you feeling overwhelmed with juggling all the demands of college life?

Attend a study skills workshop or check out our academic skills center!

Not sure what type of academic support is right for you?

Students who want to become more aware of their own study skills and learning strategies can take the Learning and Study Skills Inventory (LASSI).  The LASSI is a 10-scale, 80-item online assessment of students' awareness and use of learning and study strategies. The LASSI takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides the student with immediate results.  Please email Cassie Rochelo for the lassi login information to get started.   Once you have completed your LASSI, please make an appointment with the Center for Student Success & Engagement @ 662-5314 to review your results and get started on your goals!   

Take the LASSI Now

Modern Language Placement Test

The Center for Student Success & Engagement administers the modern language placement test for students interested in placing into an upper level language course or waiving the modern language requirement as required by the college. Students must contact Donna Poulton in CSSE to request access to the placement site in Canvas. She will need your name and A #. Once the course has been added to your Canvas site, you can take the placement test in Spanish, French, or Italian. Each test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. 

A score of 31 or higher will waive the modern language requirement. If you score between 0 and 15, you will be placed in the beginner (101) level of the language. If you score between 16 and 30, you will be placed in the second half (102) of the beginner level. Please email Donna once you have completed the test so she can check the score. The college allows two attempts for placement; please also contact Donna if you wish to have the test reset for a second attempt.

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Contact Us!

Academic Support

Eldridge Hall, top level 413.662.5314

We are available to meet with students or answer any questions via email, phone or virtually through Microsoft Teams. Schedule an appointment with Cassie Rochelo, academic support coordinator here.  

Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 4:45  Click the link below to visit us on teams during open office hours!

Mondays 3-4 pm &  Thursdays 11 am -12 pm