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Open Corridor Schools, Inc. has pioneered new frontiers in teacher education for 34 years. OCS celebrates the individual classroom teacher and is honored to serve teacher needs in meeting the changing educational challenges of the 21st century.

All Professional Development Teacher Education courses completed with Open Corridor Schools are three-credit, in-service courses that include three CEUs.

Fall 2020 Course Offerings

  • Utilizing Humor to Advance Curriculum - with Stu Schwartzman, Begins 9/12

  • Ethics for Classroom Teachers - with Stu Schwartzman, Begins 10/3
  • A New Mind for the Classroom: right-brain thinking - with Stu Schwartzman, Begins 10/17
  • How Educational Research Can Impact Classrooms - with Stu Schwartzman, Begins 11/7
  • The Efficient Use of Television for the Classroom - with Stu Schwartzman, Begins 12/5
  • Non-Fiction Writing in the Classroom - with Sue Masse, Begins 10/3
  • Inquiry-Based Instruction - with Sue Masse, Begins 11/7
  • Promoting Cooperation and Conflict Resolution in the Classroom - with Sue Masse, Begins 12/5

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